White Wisconsin lawyer arrested after spitting on 17-year-old Black protester in Milwaukee

A 64-year-old Wisconsin lawyer was arrested on Saturday after she was caught on video spitting on a 17-year-old Black boy taking part in Black Lives Matter protests in Shorewood, a suburb of Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Stephanie Rapkin parked her car in the middle of a street that protesters were marching down and refused to move it.

Video shows her getting into a verbal altercation with protesters, including Eric Lucas, a student at Shorewood High School, who starts yelling a chant at her.

Rapkin can be seen spitting in his face, prompting some of the other protesters to separate the two.

Rapkin was arrested on Saturday evening on charges of battery and disorderly conduct, reports said.

Rapkin was arrested again on Sunday. The police said that she shoved another protester who was part of a small group gathering outside her home, where messages like “Racist lives here” and “I spit on a child” were written in chalk on the sidewalk.

Police said Rapkin resisted arrest and kneed an officer in the groin. She was then charged with battery to a law-enforcement officer and resisting/obstructing an officer.

She remains in the Milwaukee County Jail, with bail set at $950, reports said.

Reports also said Rapkin works as an estate-planning and probate lawyer. People have called for her to be disbarred.