Virginia Police officer drags man out of his car by his neck after threatening to “whoop his ass”

A Virginia Police officer was filmed dragging a man out of his car by his neck after threatening to “whoop his ass”.

The video shot by Derrick Thompson shows the moment he was pulled over by a State Trooper, identified as Charles Hewitt, while he was driving to work.

Thompson began filming the traffic stop after he says he started fearing for his safety.

The incident occurred in April of 2019, but only came to light this week after civil rights lawyer Joshua Erlich took on the case, sending a letter to VA Attorney General Mark Herring.

He claimed that on the day in question, another State Trooper stopped Thompson, claiming his inspection sticker was expired and that she detected an odor of marijuana from the car.

When Thompson did not give consent for a search, she called for back up.

Thompson began filming, and captured the arrival of Trooper Hewitt.

In the letter, Erlich claims that before the incident, Thompson asked the other officers for their names and badge numbers; one ignored him, while the other said he forgot.

After grabbing him, Thompson claimed he was thrown face down into the pavement, before Hewitt held his neck in place with either his knee or elbow while he handcuffed him.

When placed in the police car, Hewitt also tried to explain that what had happened had nothing to do with race and that he could not possibly be racist because “his own wife is Black,” Erlich said.

According to Erlich, Hewitt’s wife is not Black.

No evidence of any crime was found in Thompson’s car.