Video shows gunman open fire inside Long Island deli leaving two people dead

COPIAGUE, NY — Surveillance video shows a gunman wearing a black cowboy hat opening fire inside a Long Island deli Saturday.

Police took the alleged shooter, 62-year-old Dionicio Calderon-Oseguera, into custody on Sunday.

The surveillance footage, provided by the brother of bodega owner Bolivar Rodriguez, showed the man in the cowboy hat sitting at the extreme right of the counter. He is talking to two men for quite some time.

Just after 5:45 pm, there’s a flash on the surveillance, and that’s when the footage showed one man at the counter slumping over, while the man in the cowboy hat started running for a door, firing a silver gun.

The owner was hit behind the counter, according to his brother, Leo Rodriguez.

Bolivar Rodriguez, 61, came to the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1977. He’s owned La Vaquita Corp. deli for 30 years, his brother said.

He was the married father of two sons and a daughter. He also had two grandsons.