Van crashes into Ross store and leaves 11 people injured in Washington

BURIEN, Wash. — New surveillance video released on Friday shows the moments a van smashed through a busy Ross store in Burien on December 16.

In the video – you can see a mom, Rachelle Vannier, holding her nine-month-old baby boy when they both got hit. Her husband, Chris Lowe, was hit too.

The crash hurt a total of 11 people. A two-year-old who was pinned under the van is still in the hospital.

Police say the suspect, Lee Skelly, was the getaway driver for his girlfriend who was attempting to shoplift.

In the video, you see Vannier in a red shirt standing by the door. Her husband is in a white shirt.

Then the unimaginable happens. The van smashes through the store, running people over and sending others flying.

In the next frame, the jewelry counter looks like it’s exploding — then, you can’t see Vannier or the baby anymore.

Lowe is under some debris and managed to get up on his broken leg.

Vannier was also hurt, and still has this lesion from tissue separating. But incredibly, baby Kingsley was basically unharmed.

The driver of the van, Skelly, appeared in court last week and pled not guilty to four counts of vehicular assault among other charges. He’s still in custody at the King County Jail with a $500,000 bond.