Two shot, one fatally in bar robbery in Brazil

Two shot, one fatally in bar robbery in Brazil

Translated from Portuguese via Google Translate:

“One man died and another was injured after being shot inside a bar on Rua Jacunaum, in the Perus neighborhood, north of São Paulo, on Saturday night (31).

According to the Military Police, the teams of the 49th Battalion were called in for an occurrence of a victim of aggression. Upon arriving at the scene, security officers found two people shot.

Witnesses said two men arrived at the bar in a silver car and closed the doors, announcing a robbery. With the entry of the criminals, one of the victims was sitting and was startled by the movement.

The criminals thought the man had reacted to the approach and started shooting. The boy was shot, as was the second victim, who was just behind the first man.

After the shooting, the pair of criminals fled without taking anything. The rescue team was called after the police arrived and found, still on the scene, the death of the man who was sitting in front.

The second was treated and sent to the emergency department of Hospital de Taipas. Nobody was arrested.”