Two men killed by police during protests following impeachment of President Martín Vizcarra in Peru

Two young men have been killed by police during pro-democracy protests sweeping across the capital of Peru, following the controversial impeachment of President Martín Vizcarra.

22-year-old Jack Bryan Pintado Sánchez, and Jordan Inti Sotelo Camargo, 24, died after suffering gunshot wounds.

Sánchez was shot several times in the face and neck at close-range by a police firearm.

Camargo died from a gunshot wound to the thorax, just above his heart.

Protests have taken place across the South American country since Congress voted on Monday to remove Mr Vizcarra as president over allegations he accepted bribes while serving as governor years ago.

He has denied all claims.

Mr Merino, a little-known politician and former speaker of the Congress, rose to power on Tuesday after politicians impeached the former president using a 19th century clause of ‘permanent moral incapacity’.

Yesterday, tensions came to a head when more than 5,000 protesters filled plazas in downtown Lima, wearing masks and carrying signs that read ‘Merino is not my president’ and ‘resign now’.

Hundreds of riot police and tanks were deployed to the streets, while helicopters could be seen flying over the capital.

Police reported two deaths, while the National Human Rights Coordinator indicated it was investigating whether there were four.