Tulsa police release body cam footage of deadly officer-involved shooting

OKLAHOMA – The Tulsa Police Department released on Friday, body cam footage of a deadly officer-involved shooting that took place in October.

The events go back to the 27th near East Pine Street and North Harvard Avenue. Officers saw a vehicle pulled over with its hazard lights on, so they stopped to see if they could help.

“She said she was experiencing problems with her wheels, a lug nut had fallen off. She said her ex-boyfriend had gone to get something to fix it, and he was on his way back,” says Sgt. Shane Tuell with the Tulsa Police Department.

A short time later, 50-year-old Luis Arreguin-Lara arrived on a bicycle holding a tire iron. Tulsa Police asked him to get off his bike and to put down the tool.

As Luis got off his bike, you can see him turn his body and reach for his waist. At that moment, three officers on scene opened fire and fatally gunned him down.

Luis had a felony warrant out for his arrest and was wanted by police on suspicion of kidnapping, sodomy and sexual battery.

He allegedly offered to give a woman a ride home but took her to a storage unit instead, where he forced her inside and sexually assaulted her, an affidavit said.

The affidavit also said he left her in the dark unit and used his car to block the door, trapping her inside. Documents state his wife found the victim and helped her escape.

The three officers involved in the shooting have since returned to full duty. It will be up to the district attorney to decide wether the shooting was legally justified or not.