Thieves break into Gaston County powersports store and steal multiple dirt bikes

GASTON COUNTY, North Carolina – Thieves broke into a powersports store in Gaston County and stole multiple dirt bikes video shows.

The theft happened in the early morning hours of Monday, February 3 at MS PowerSports on Wilkinson Blvd. in Gaston County.

The surveillance footage shows a truck being used to shatter the front doors of the business.

The video shows bundled up intruders wheel multiple dirt bikes out of the shop. As the theft is taking place, the building’s alarm can be heard sounding in the background.

“To see how relaxed they were, I mean they weren’t worried. I mean they were just like they had gone to the convenience store picking out a drink or something – just walking through the store,” said co-owner of McKenney-Salinas Powersports, Don Willis.

He said three different Kawasaki dirt bikes were stolen during that particular heist. Willis explained that prior to the February 3 incident, thieves had hit the business in December.

“Between the two we’ve probably lost $40,000, plus the damage to the building, plus the damage to the gate,” said Willis.

He said the recent break-ins have led to safety concerns.

“I’ve been with McKenney for probably almost 30 years and it’s the first time my wife has asked me to go get a gun permit because she’s scared if that’ll happen that time of the day, what will happen during regular business hours,” explained Willis.

Gaston County Police confirmed that a detective has been assigned to the case. Police said they have good leads in the case, but no arrests have been made yet.