Septic tank explodes because of rookie mistake, kills worker

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – A septic tank cleaner died when the tank he was working on exploded underneath him.

CCTV footage of the incident shows a conversation between a homeowner and the employee.

In an attempt to prove to the homeowner that the dislodging process was complete, the tank cleaner lights a piece of newspaper and puts it in the tank. A few seconds later, BOOM.

The man falls into the tank and gets burned severely. He was transported to a nearby hospital but died of his injuries. The explosion even threw the homeowner into the air, but luckily he didn’t fall inside.

According to specialists, this happened because of the natural processes that occur in a septic tank. 

“There is a natural process that occurs in a septic tank. The process of decay, or fermentation of organic material or feces without oxygen. The process produces several types of gas, the most of which is methane, ” says Neni a researcher.

“Methane gas is a flammable gas. Even though the septic tank is empty of liquid, who knows, gas might still be in there. If there is a fire, it will definitely explode.”