San Diego Police release 911 calls, bodycam videos from deadly shooting in Mountain View

SAN DIEGO — San Diego Police have released officer bodycam videos of a fatal shooting involving a man in Mountain View earlier this month.

San Diego Police say 39-year-old Jose Alfredo Castro-Gutierrez was shot and killed after officers responded to the 300 block of South Pardee Street just before 5am on October 19, over reports of a violent disturbance involving a weapon.

According to police, Castro-Gutierrez was staying at a home as a guest when the residents were woken up by him. He had reportedly been acting paranoid and ripped a metal curtain rod from a window and began breaking windows and other objects in the home.

Video shows Castro-Gutierrez crawl through a window in the front of the home and run toward police, before officers fired their weapons and fatally struck him. A metal pole was found near him.

Three officers fired at Castro-Gutierrez: One officer fired a bean bag round, another officer fired a Taser, and a third officer fired several rounds from his service pistol, SDPD says.

Officers started first aid at the scene, but Castro-Gutierrez was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The officer who fired his service pistol was identified as Isai Castillo, a two-year veteran of SDPD assigned to Southeastern Division.

Gene Iredale, the attorney who represents Castro’s family, says they are planning to file a wrongful death action. He says the lethal force was not warranted.

Iredale says his client leaves behind a wife and a one-year-old child. He says Castro is a Mexican citizen and a legal resident of the U.S. His wife lives in Mexicali, but Castro has been working and renting locally.

He says Castro also has a history of mental illness.

“This was a person in a mental health crisis and was paranoid,” Iredale said. “His last word as he rushed towards the officers was ‘ayuda,’ ‘help me’”.

In a recorded video statement provided to ABC 10News by Iredale, Castro’s wife was emotional, saying the family is shocked at what happened, calling her husband’s death an injustice. She described him as a hardworking and responsible man, that many people loved.

SDPD’s homicide unit is currently investigating the shooting, after which the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office will review the case to determine if the officers bear any criminal liability.