RUSSIA: Mom beats 8-month-old son, throws him on the couch because he wouldn’t stop crying

RUSSIA – A mom beat her 8-month-old son and threw him on the couch because he wouldn’t stop crying, Russian reports say.

Translated from Russian via Google Translate:

“Recently, a video appeared on social networks in which a resident of Orenburg hits her child on the head and throws him on a sofa. The public is shocked by the cruelty of a young mother.

Scandalous shots were made by a resident of Sol-Iletsk, who sheltered 21-year-old Anastasia Litvinova with her child. The young mother had financial problems, so she moved from Orenburg to her friend.

The latter turned out to be not happy with its hospitality. Soon she saw and even photographed on the phone how Anastasia was abusing her eight-month-old son: she hit his head and body, and then threw him on the sofa, scolding loudly.  

The woman tried to stop the ruthless parent, but she did not relent and scream. “Because of you jerk, the second child is suffering. How tired I am already alone with him! Nobody helps, ”she was indignant at the eight-month-old baby screaming in pain.

The video quickly scattered across the web, causing a storm of public outrage. Users quickly found the monster mother’s account.

In February, Litvinova published a photo that showed a positive pregnancy test. Many are horrified to imagine what fate awaits the future baby.

Fortunately, the guardianship authorities have already protected the battered baby from the mother. A criminal case has been opened against Anastasia under the article “Torture against a minor”. 

The woman could not plainly explain to law enforcement officials why she raised her hand to the baby. 

The suspect in the commission of this crime has been detained.”