RUSSIA: Father beats his son because he refused to do push-ups

RUSSIA – A father was arrested by police after he allegedly beat up his son who refused to do push-ups, reports say.

Translated from Russian via Google Translate:

“In the capital of Russia, Moscow, a criminal case was opened against a man who brutally beat his son for refusing to do push-ups.

A video of a boy beating hit the net.

On it you can see how a man hits a child first with his hands, then with a metal pipe. Then he begins to strangle the boy. At the same time, there is a boy’s mother in the room and another woman who takes pictures of what is happening.

Reportedly, the boy was beaten because he allegedly did not want to do push-ups. They saw the video in the police and went to the family who lives on Orshanskaya Street in Moscow. A boy with bruises and abrasions all over his body, accompanied by police officers, was taken to a trauma center. The father was detained and opened a criminal case against him under the article “Torture”. He faces three to eight years in prison.”