Road rage incident caught on video in Queens shows car crashing into bakery, baseball bat fight

NEW YORK — A case of road rage in Queens left at least four people injured on Monday night.

The fight, which started in the street, ended with a car smashing into a bakery.

Video shows the moment a white Audi plunged into the bakery, sending a man sprawling onto the sidewalk.

Neighbors said the crash was deliberate, but the store wasn’t the target.

“It was a street fight and it escalated very quickly,” said Hailing Chen of Flushing.

Video shows four men duking it out on Kissena Boulevard moments before the crash. Witnesses said the two parties were fighting over a parking spot. One man armed with a baseball bat is seen swinging at the Audi driver.

“Beat him up and tried to damage his vehicle. I think that’s why he got mad. He making a U-turn of his vehicle, drove up to the curbside and smashed into the bakery,” witness Andy Chen said.

Police said the Audi driver was purposely trying to run over the other party when he lost control.

All four men were arrested.

Two innocent victims were injured by flying glass, but are expected to be okay.

Police said all four men involved in the fight will be charged with assault.