Rioters beheaded, burned alive in Côte d’Ivoire during clashes over presidential election

More clashes broke out over Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara’s re-election as West African nations and France called for dialogue to end tensions over his contested third term.

Ouattara secured the October 31 election by more than 94 percent but Ivory Coast is mired in a dispute after opposition leaders rejected the vote, accusing him of breaching the two-term limit for the presidency.

Disputed elections in 2010 had unleashed a brief civil war in the West African country, claiming about 3,000 lives.

At least three people were killed the past two days when violence erupted between rival ethnic communities over Ouattara’s third term, police and residents said.

Video shows a man beheaded, and another burned dead.

But police say the situation is now calm.

“The situation is calm now and reinforcements are patrolling the area,” a police spokesman said, confirming a total of three killed and 26 wounded.

Another nine were killed in two other towns on Monday as the country’s top court validated Ouattara’s election victory.