Retired police captain shot dead in St. Louis while trying to protect store against looters

ST. LOUIS – A man was shot dead in north St. Louis. The victim, identified as retired 77-year-old St. Louis City Police captain David Dorn, was killed while trying to protect the well known Lee’s Pawn & Jewelry at around 2:30am.

Police say he suffered a gunshot wound to his torso and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Several people in the area state that looters were casing the area and breaking into businesses taking everything they could grab.

A bystander stated that the man was only trying to stop several people from stealing electronics from the building when he was shot.

Many gathered around the man encouraging him to fight for his life as he laid in front of the store waiting for help.

UPDATE – June 5, 2020: Cops have released surveillance video of the incident that left retired police captain David Dorn dead.