Racist Canadian woman spits and dumps milkshake on car parked on her property

A racist Canadian woman caught on camera berating a group of visitors in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, is apologizing for her rant posted on social media.

Video shows the woman saying that the driver is parked on her property, and says that she “dumped a milkshake” on the car and spat on it.

“These guys are on my lawn, they won’t leave,” she says, threatening to call the police and a tow truck.

The woman records herself having a coughing fit. “I don’t care, I should go cough in his door, I have corona,” she says. “Get all their kids sick.”

At the end of the video, she films herself getting a bottle of “relish” from her fridge and pours it on the car.

Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Jason Folz said that the car was indeed parked illegally in front of the woman’s home.

Sgt. Folz said that because municipal lots in beach towns like Wasaga are quite busy and expensive, “people go along the side streets and park in front of people’s homes.”

“They’re not supposed to be parking there, but you can imagine what the parking situation would be in a place like that,” he said.

The video caught the attention of thousands who expressed disgust and outrage online.

“Classless and horrible. The fact that she feels that she is justified in calling the police shows systemic racism at its best. Her words make me sick to my stomach,” wrote a woman.

Folz confirmed that an investigator has been assigned to the incident and is looking into the matter.

“If charges are warranted, we will certainly explore them,” he said.