Qatari man shot dead by Arizona police

A Qatari man was shot dead by an Arizona state trooper after he attacked the officer on routine patrol for drunk drivers on Friday.

The US police officer spotted Mohamed Al-Hashemi, 25, throw a street sign onto a road in suburban Phoenix late Thursday and ordered him to pick it up, said Colonel Frank Milstead, director of the Department of Public Safety.

Al-Hashemi wouldn’t pick it up, then began walking in the middle of the road and wouldn’t obey commands to stop, Milstead said.

Trooper Hugh Grant used a stun gun but it did not subdue Al-Hashemi, who then rushed the officer and punched and kicked him.

“It was a vicious encounter,” Milstead said before showing dashboard camera video of the attack. “He was in a fight for his life.”

The video shows the men tussling, and at one point, Al-Hashemi throws Grant to the ground.

The trooper fired his weapon, killing Al-Hashemi, the DPS chief said.

Al-Hashemi was in the U.S. on a student visa.