Police struggle with Black Lives Matter protester in wheelchair and arrest him in Los Angeles

Police have arrested a Black Lives Matter protester who was allegedly thrown out of his wheelchair by officers on Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles.

Two others were taken into custody after “several individuals in a group of protesters attempted to interfere and free a man and two women, who were in police custody,” according to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The man in the wheelchair, Joshua Wilson, reportedly “punched an officer in the face and a use of force occurred between the officers and Wilson,” the police statement said.

According to video of the incident, officers and protesters were seen surrounding the wheelchair, which appeared to have been thrust backward causing the man fall to the ground.

While he was on the ground with one of his legs still in the wheelchair, he attempted to take a baton from one of the officers, while two others tried to hold him back.

Police then appeared to pull the wheelchair away from the man and threw it aside, which saw one of the wheels break off.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the LAPD said that “50 protesters attempted to interfere with three individuals in police custody.”

“During the incident a man in a wheelchair, Joshua Wilson, punched an officer in the face. Wilson, a convicted felon, was taken into custody and a loaded gun was found in his possession,” they added.