Police release bodycam video of shooting that left man dead in Greenville County

GREENVILLE COUNTY, South Carolina — Bodycam video released Tuesday shows Greenville County deputies fatally shoot a man they say had a handgun.

Tim Brown, Captain of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies were doing surveillance on July 11 in an unmarked vehicle on Long Forest Drive while looking for Michael Joseph Culbertson.

Brown said Culbertson, 26, was wanted on several traffic warrants, including resisting arrest, failure to stop for a blue light, interfering with police and reckless driving for incidents that happened June 27 and July 10.

Video shows Culbertson walking on a road as uniformed deputies get out of an unmarked vehicle and give Culbertson commands to show his hands.

“Deputies observed Culbertson while holding a cellphone in his left hand, retrieve a firearm with his right hand. When he does so, deputies fire on the suspect striking him multiple times,” Brown says.

A 9mm handgun and magazine with multiple rounds were found on scene, officials said.

Culbertson was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

Culbert’s grandfather, Carey Reese called the shooting “excessive.”

“It had to be excessive force. Why do you hunt a boy down all day for a traffic violation?” Reese questioned. “There’s some other things that happened before that to make him come out the woods. Some of that stuff needs to come out.”

An internal review led by the Office of Professional Standards determined the shooting was justified.