Police officer dies shielding students from grenade blast

PHILIPPINES – A police officer died while shielding students from a grenade blast with his own body at Initao College in Misamis Oriental.

On Thursday November 28, a man was causing chaos inside a crowded college.

Senior Master Sergeant Jason Magno and coworker Sergeant Alice Balido were rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, the man was holding a grenade. After they approached him to try and subdue him, the suspect pulled the grenade’s pin and threw it at them, while students around them ran away in fear.

Magno tried to reach for the ticking grenade in an attempt throw it away, but ended up covering it with his body, “embracing” it as it exploded. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The suspect, identified as Ebrahim Ampaso Basher, was eventually killed by responding authorities.

In total, 11 people were injured from the explosion’s blast.

Misamis police are considering an award for Magno to remember him for his heroic act.