NYPD officer put in headlock by suspect in the Bronx who then took off running

An NYPD officer trying to disperse a crowd gathered on a Bronx street corner was put in a headlock by a suspect who then took off running.

Video of the incident shows two officers surrounded by angry, taunting bystanders.

And as the crowd cheered, a man they were trying to arrest put one of the two officers in a headlock — a maneuver they themselves will, under a new City Council bill, soon face misdemeanor charge for using.

The dangerous grip lasts a chilling four seconds, video shows.

The officer then falls to the ground. At that point, the suspect breaks the headlock and takes off running.

The cop suffered a gash to the head that required staples, sources said.

The NYPD knows who the “headlocker” is — he is a known gang member who turned himself in a week later to the 46th Precinct, where the brawl happened, a law enforcement source said.

He’s been arrested 11 times for charges including gang assault, criminal possession of a loaded firearm and robbery, amongst others, according to police sources.

With him at the precinct was his lawyer and a copy of the video, which the lawyer believed exonerated his client, as it also shows the cop lunging at the suspect before the grappling began, sources said.

But the video does not show what caused the cop to lunge — which was the suspect allegedly kicking down the street a body camera that had fallen off the uniform of one of the cops.

The suspect wound up released without charges pending further investigation by the Bronx DA’s office, sources said.