MS13 gang member kicked and stepped on by police officials while handcuffed

EL SALVADOR – An MS13 gang member was kicked and stepped on while handcuffed by police officials in Santa Ana.

Footage shows 20-year-old Fernando Sosa Castro, on the floor handcuffed with his hands behind his back. Footage then shows the three officers surrounding him, two men and a woman, taking turns, kicking him in the head, face and chest. One of the officers can then be seen stepping on Castro’s head. 

The video has been shared on social networks and has since sparked controversy.

Police officers took to social media and asked the population not to rely on such videos to “judge police actions without knowing the context of what happened.”

According to them, Castro allegedly assaulted a female police officer, fled and was then captured.

Castro has also previously been arrested for drug trafficking and possession and is known by police officials for his ties with criminal gang MS13. 

The officers have been arrested and will face prosecution.