Mother-of–two left for dead after driver smashes into her, sending her flying in the air

UNITED KINGDOM – A mother-of-two was left for dead after a car smashed right into her before speeding off.

CCTV footage shows the moment a female driver, appears to deliberately smash into 24-year-old Ellemae Fitzgerald as she walked on the pavement.

Ellemae Fitzgerald

The incident happened just before 1am on Saturday during a night out with friends.

Witnesses say Ellemae pushed a friend she was walking with out of the path of the car before taking the full hit herself.

Ellemae was transported to a nearby hospital and has since been released, having suffered only minor injuries.

A spokesman said the incident followed an altercation between the victim and the people who were in the car.

Police are treating the matter as “suspected attempted murder” and are asking for help from the public.