Michigan dad asks Latino man why he didn’t ‘stay in Mexico’ during a school meeting about racism

A video from a Michigan school’s meeting with parents has gone viral after one student’s father asked another why he didn’t “stay in Mexico.”

The comment drew loud gasps and threw the February 3 meeting into pandemonium, with multiple parents yelling at the father to leave the meeting, some standing up, and one shouting, “That is disgusting.”

“That’s indicative of what our kids are experiencing: comments like that,” another father said.

The meeting had originally been organized to address instances of racism at high schools in the town of Saline, and a Latino father had taken the microphone to discuss how his son suffered from racist taunts in school.

“I remember when I went to his bedroom to say goodnight and he was crying because of the abuse he was enduring in this school system,” the man, Adrian Iraola, told the audience.

“Then why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” the other father, who identified himself as Tom Burtell, responded.

His comments were so provocative that Burtell’s own son Matt, condemned him in a Facebook post.

Today my father asked a deliberately racist question at the Saline Area Schools diversity and inclusion meeting.His…

Posted by Matt Burtell on Monday, February 3, 2020