Man who took large amount of meth dies in police custody

LAS VEGAS – A man who take a large amount of meth died while in police custody on January 31. Police responded to Hawk Shadow Avenue, near Russell Road and Tenaya Way, after a man called 911 and said his friend was trying to kill himself.

When officers and paramedics arrived, they say 37-year-old David Baxter was shaking uncontrollably, sweating, and acting erratically.

“Mr. Baxter had taken a large amount of narcotics, presumably meth, in an attempt to take his own life,” said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Brett Jones.

“We could see Mr. Baxter was exhibiting signs of a condition known as excited delirium, which is commonly associated with illicit drug usage,” Jones explained.

In order for paramedics to help him, officers say they were forced to use two sets of handcuffs to keep him contained. Once he was placed on the stretcher, officers leaned him forward to remove those handcuffs.

“Shortly after that, they laid Mr. Baxter back down, and that’s when they realized he stopped breathing,” Jones stated.

Officials pronounced Baxter dead at Spring Valley Hospital and police say the incident is under investigation.