Man wanted for aggravated assault punched during arrest in Norristown

NORRISTOWN, PA — A man wanted for aggravated assault with a firearm that occurred in Philadelphia, has been arrested in Norristown, officials said.  

According to a press release by the Norristown Police Department, police received information that Mr. Malcolm Coleman, 26, was in the 200 block of Franklin Street.

In addition to aggravated assault, Mr. Coleman was also wanted for a probation violation in Montgomery County, police said.

According to Philadelphia officials, Mr. Coleman was considered to be armed and dangerous.

Mr. Coleman, who stands 6’7″ tall and weighs 235 pounds, was located by officers standing near his car in front of a residence on Franklin Street.

Officials say, the first officer on scene, Sean Gallagher, approached Mr. Coleman and engaged him in conversation in order to give time for other officers to arrive.

After a short time, more officers responded and then attempted to safely take Mr. Coleman into custody.

At that point, Officer Gallagher told Mr. Coleman that he was being arrested.

According to police, Officer Gallagher tried to grab Mr. Coleman’s arm.

Officer Gallagher reported that Mr. Coleman immediately resisted being taken into custody while quickly backing away and reaching for his waistband.

Mr. Coleman repeatedly told officers that he’s “not going back to jail” as he violently tried to escape, police said.

Officers deployed a taser which caused Mr. Coleman to fall to the ground. Mr. Coleman quickly regained his footing and continued to resist being taken into custody, police said.

A bystander video shows several officers surrounding Mr. Coleman while attempting to place him into handcuffs. Police say the video depicts a small part of the encounter.

Mr. Coleman can be seen refusing to allow himself to be handcuffed. While Mr. Coleman resists officers attempting to place him into handcuffs, Officer Gallagher can be seen striking Mr. Coleman twice in the head, police said.

Mr. Coleman was eventually taken into custody and found to be in possession of cocaine. Officers transported Mr. Coleman to municipal hall and immediately called for medics to treat Mr. Coleman for a laceration to his head.

Officer Gallagher has been placed on administrative duty pending further investigation of the incident.