Man steals car with mother and child inside at Florida Airport

Frightening surveillance footage showed a suspect stealing a car with a mother and child inside outside a Florida airport.

The incident happened Monday at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers.

The suspect, Addi Tawfiq Maqableh, was flying to Houston and had passed through security but decided to steal a wallet from a restaurant worker, according to reports.


Maqableh ran out of the concourse and commandeered a vehicle that was sitting outside being unloaded by a grandfather, his daughter and her child, the report said.

The surveillance footage showed Maqableh get into the driver’s seat and start to drive, dragging the grandfather for a few feet as the mother jumped into the back seat with the child still inside.

The mother and her child were eventually able to get out of the car. Maqableh ditched the car and was later taken into custody by Lee County Port Authority Police, the report said.

Maqableh is facing a number of charges, including aggravated battery, robbery, kidnapping, false imprisonment and grand theft, jail records showed. He was being held on $180,000 bond Thursday, and attorney information wasn’t available.

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