Man shot on Facebook Live while filming shooting at Toledo basketball court

A man was shot while filming a shooting at a Toledo basketball court in Ohio Monday afternoon, in an incident caught on Facebook Live.

Video shows a man carrying a high-powered rifle stalking basketball players on an Ohio court — before the man filming is injured after more than a dozen shots ring out.

Amid screams as they start fleeing, the video catches a brief glimpse of a shirtless man marching just outside the court’s edge — brandishing what looks like an AR-style rifle.

Gunshots start ringing out — including what seems to be return fire from a separate weapon.

The man filming suddenly drops to the ground.

“Argh! I got shot! I got shot! Help me, bro — I got shot!” he is heard screaming.

Video ends with the sound of doors closing as a group appears to help the injured man into a car.

23-year-old Jermaine Brown was listed in “critical but stable” condition at Toledo Hospital after he was “shot at least one time,” police sources said.

His exact injuries haven’t been disclosed. No suspects have been arrested so far.

A bullet also struck a nearby house.