Man shot dead while riding bicycle in Argentina

Man shot dead while riding bicycle in Argentina

“After several hours hospitalized in critical condition, S. Stirz died , the young man who was riding a bicycle this Tuesday night in the La Loma de La Plata neighborhood when two motorcycle jets killed him with a bullet in the head.

The criminals left him lying in the street, they did not take any of his belongings and they remain at large.

The violent episode was recorded by the private security cameras of a neighbor. It happened around 9pm on Tuesday.

In the images, it is seen that the 34-year-old victim was riding a black and purple bicycle when the two assailants, on board a motorcycle, surprised him from behind and shot him in the head.

With no possibility of action, the young man fell from the bicycle and was lying on the ground.

The criminals escaped on the motorcycle: at no time did they stop, so they could not take anything.

Investigators believe that the situation began a few meters back, when the motorcycle jets tried to take Santiago’s cell phone.

The young man was shot at point-blank range that hit the right parietal with a single entry hole, for which he had to undergo surgery at the San Martín Hospital.

He spent several hours hospitalized in critical condition and in a coma. Finally, he died around 8 pm.”