Man running from police in handcuffs beaten by officers in Houston

HOUSTON – A man says he was a victim of excessive force at the hands of Houston police.

Bodycam video from a Houston police officer shows him and another officer chasing and arresting the man, and beating him over the head while he is in handcuffs.

Civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen said in an email that police stopped Aundre Howard for an expired registration the night of July 7, 2019.

He said the officers searched Howard for weapons, didn’t find any, but handcuffed him.

Howard then took off running, still in handcuffs, before the officers caught up to him.

Video shows an officer running, shouting, “Just fucking shoot his ass” as he mimics gunshot sounds.

After the brief foot chase, another officer catches Howard who is then hit over the head multiple times with what appears to be a pair of handcuffs.

“Things need to change in the Houston Police Department,” said Kallinen who also represents Howard.

Kallinen said he is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the Houston Police Department.

HPD said its internal affairs division is investigating the incident.