Man rescued in Alaska after spending 3 weeks in the wild

SKWENTNA, AK — A man who survived more than 3 weeks in the Alaskan wilderness after a fire burned down his home and killed his dog was rescued after writing “SOS” in the snow.

Troopers from the Alaska Department of Public Safety responded to a welfare check for Tyson Steele, 30, at his remote home about 20 miles outside of Skwentna Thursday after he had not been heard from for several weeks.

Steele’s cabin burned down in mid-December, killing his 6-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever named Phil and leaving him stranded in sub-zero temperatures with no means of communication for 23 days.

He survived on canned food, which he had enough for two cans a day for 30 days, and created a “snow cave” to sleep in.

He had been living alone in the cabin, surrounded by miles of forests, hills and rivers, since September. His nearest neighbor was 20 miles away.

His first request was for a shower and a “McDonald’s Combo Meal No. 2,” according to officials.

He plans to go back to Salt Lake City where his family lives.