Man left leaking and bruised up during police encounter in Raleigh, North Carolina

Two Raleigh police officers appear in a now-viral video punching a 22-year-old man before arresting him, leaving him leaking and bruised up during the encounter.

In a video widely circulating on social media, Braily Batista can be seen taking a knee to the ribs and a fist to the back from a police officer before he is pulled out of his car. Batista’s face on the video and in a mug shot appears bloody with a black eye.

Police said in a news release Wednesday that Braily Andres Batista-Concepcion was arrested Tuesday after three hit-and-run incidents and also faces charges of driving under the influence.

Officers responded to the first incident in the 3500 block of Wake Forest Road at 9:30 a.m., police said in a news release Wednesday night. Before they got there, the suspect had fled and was involved in a second hit-and-run in a parking lot at St. Albans Drive and Wake Forest Road, and then struck a pole at 4320 Wingate Drive, the release said.

One of the drivers who said he was hit by the suspect and an onlooker both called 911 to report the hit-and-run at St. Albans Drive and to describe the events, according to audio of the calls released by Raleigh Police.

An officer spotted a car matching the description from those incidents while it moved erratically on nearby Navaho Drive and stopped the car, the release said. The driver appeared to be impaired while transporting three passengers, the release said.

“When Mr. Batista-Concepcion ignored repeated commands to place his hands on the wheel, the officer ordered him to get out of the vehicle,” the release said. “Mr. Batista-Concepcion failed to follow the officer’s commands and officers used force to remove him from the vehicle.”

Batista is charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, simple possession of marijuana and resist, delay, and obstruct.

The Police Department said it is reviewing the officers’ actions as it does all uses of force. The officers were wearing body cameras, and their patrol vehicles captured dash camera video of the arrest. The department will petition Superior Court for release of the videos.

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