Man kills wife and her lover outside pregnancy clinic in Uganda

A man shot and killed his wife and her lover outside a clinic in Uganda.

According to Uganda police, Robert Muyaga, shot his wife Jacqueline Nagasha dead after suspecting her having an affair with a man named Francis Musasizi.

Musasizi, who was riding a motorcycle, had come to pick up Nagasha from the clinic for a pregnancy test.

Footage shows Musasizi arriving at the clinic. Muyaga is standing next to a seated Nagasha and fist bumps Musasizi. Muyaga trailed the duo to the clinic.

A quick exchange takes place and Musasizi goes back to his back, followed by Nagasha.

Muyaga looses his shit and opens fire on the pair, killing Musasizi at the scene. Nagasha was taken to a nearby hospital but later died of her injuries.

Muyaga fled the scene but was later killed by police in an exchange of fire.