Man in underwear wakes up in time to catch burglar robbing his home in Queens

A Queens man sleeping in his underwear woke up in time to catch a burglar who slipped into his home and stole his wallet — then decided not to press charges after the apologetic thief broke down in sobs.

The attempted theft happened early Thursday just after 8am in Jamaica by Daniels St. and the Grand Central Parkway, police said.

The mother said the thief attacked her son during the robbery.

Video of the incident begins just after the 26-year-old victim catches the thief and pins him down on the dining room floor. The man mentions a knife being on the floor.

The victim confronts the burglar, demanding to know why he tried to rob him.

The thief, identified by police as homeless 52-year-old Robert Hopkins, sobs as the victim continues to yell.

“No, no, no,” Hopkins weeps. “It’s my first time doing this.”

At one point, the victim slaps Hopkins after demanding he empty his pockets and discovers he still had some of his belongings.

“You were about to roll with my shit while you’re apologizing and saying you’re sorry!?”

He then motions outside, referring to the police approaching.

“I’m just going to let them do whatever it is they’re going to do to you. I’m not going to press no charges on you, I promise. Only because you gave me my shit back.”