Man fires gun at security outside sports bar in Fayetteville, North Carolina

FAYETTEVILLE, North Carolina – A shooting outside a Fayetteville sports bar was caught on camera over the weekend, as Fayetteville Police continue to search for the suspect.

The shooting happened outside Last Call Sports Bar, along the 5300 block of Ramsey Street on Jan. 31.

Surveillance video released by FPD shows a security guard escorting a man outside of the business.

While on the ground, the man in a black, long sleeve “Villains” sweater begins firing several rounds in the direction of the security guard.

The crowd outside the bar quickly dispersed and that man is shown fleeing the scene.

FPD confirms there were no injuries but the shooting resulted in some property damage.

In addition to searching for the man in the black long sleeve and black baseball hat, detectives are searching for three witnesses that were shown in the video: a man wearing a dark-colored Adidas striped jacket, a man wearing a fanny pack across his chest, wearing what appears to be a “Champion” t-shirt, and another man wearing a long-sleeve plaid shirt with a puffy vest jacket on top.

Fayetteville police said these men are only being sought for information on the shooting investigation.

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