Man caught on camera using knife to vandalize Tesla at grocery store parking lot in Colorado

CONIFER, Colo. – Video captured shows the moments a man uses a knife to vandalize a woman’s Tesla in the middle of a grocery store parking lot.

The victim said this is not the first time she has been targeted for driving a Tesla.

Both car panels need to be replaced with an estimated cost of $2,500.

The victim’s 2019 Tesla Model 3 is equipped with eight cameras that caught clear images of the vandal. 

The victim claims she’s experienced more forms of harassment while driving her car.

“I’ve pulled up at a stop light, someone honked their horn at me and had given me a thumbs down – pointed to the car and given me a thumbs down,” she said.

“It’s just kind of sad people would have that type of hate or anger or aggression over a car. It’s a car,” she said.

An investigation is ongoing.