Man brutally beaten over alleged stolen drugs in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin – A young man was brutally beaten after he allegedly stole drugs while at a friend’s house in Eau Claire.

The Eau Claire Police Department says they are investigating a violent video that started circulating on social media in Eau Claire Thursday.

News 18 has seen the video and it appears to show two older teens or young adults assaulting a man around the same age.

They continue to assault him as he becomes seemingly unconscious and unresponsive.

They also use racial slurs throughout the video and insinuate drug use.

The video allegedly takes place in Eau Claire.

The department posted on social media Friday morning saying they are aware of the video and have had officers investigating since early Thursday morning.

ECPD also said they believe they have identified and arrested all suspects and the incident has been reported and documented.