Man attacks Asian employee when asked to wear mask inside Albany store

ALBANY, New York — Police say a store employee was attacked by a customer after the worker tried to enforce coronavirus safety guidelines.

This happened at the Hair and Wig Beauty Supply on Central Avenue last Friday.

The wife of the owner, Jessie Park, says her employee went up to the man, who was not wearing a mask, and explained he had to be wearing one to be in the store.

In response, the customer got right in the store manager’s face, before punching him and kicking him in the abdomen. 

As the employee is laying on the ground, the customer simply walks away, and leaves the store.

In addition to the vicious attack, the customer reportedly told the Asian employee to “go back to your country” and added other racist remarks during the attack, reports said.

Park says a doctor who examined the employee said he most likely had his nose broken.