Louisville police officer’s body camera dislodged before fatal shooting of Brian Allen Thurman during traffic stop

LOUISVILLE, KY — A Louisville police officer’s body camera system didn’t capture the fatal shooting of Brian Allen Thurman during a traffic stop on November 22, according to bodycam video released Monday by Kentucky State Police.

Officer Harry Seeders’ camera is dislodged as the car Thurman is driving backs up as the officer orders him to stop multiple times, the video shows. 

The nearly three-minute video provides the first public look at what happened in the death of Thurman, 49, who was shot and killed during the traffic stop.

Kentucky State Police is investigating the shooting at the request of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s administration.

Sgt. Billy Gregory, the state agency’s public affairs commander, said in a video statement that the footage released Monday is just one piece of evidence in its investigation.

The video captures Seeders pulling over a silver Honda SUV, which Gregory said was confirmed as a stolen vehicle.

The car comes to a stop in a parking area on Gilligan.

Seeders yells for the car’s occupants to show their hands and turn off the car.

Thurman appears to show his hands, then opens his door and puts one foot on the ground.

“Stay in the car,” Seeders says. “Don’t move. Don’t move.”

Thurman then closes his door. About 17 seconds later, Seeders shouts, “Stay in the car!” to someone who appears to be the passenger. (It can’t be seen on the video, but Gregory said the passenger exited the car.)

Then, three seconds later, the car can be heard starting its engine and its reverse lights come on.

Seeders then yells for the driver to stop before the rest of the encounter is blocked once the camera comes loose.  

Interim LMPD Chief Yvette Gentry said last week that Thurman was inside the vehicle when he was shot. He later died at the hospital.