LOS ANGELES: Man accused of assault with a deadly weapon in extreme road rage incident in North Hollywood

LOS ANGELES – A San Fernando Valley intersection was filled with tire smoke Monday in a bizarre road rage confrontation that was caught on camera.

In the video taken Monday at Victory and Laurel Canyon boulevards, a driver in a white BMW sedan can be seen pushing a pickup through an intersection. The BMW’s driver’s side door was open and part of its dislodged front bumper was dangling as its shrieking rear tires created a cloud of smoke at the busy intersection.

The BMW then crashed into the side of the pickup in a crunch of metal as the two continued down the North Hollywood street.

It was not clear whether any other vehicles were damaged.

A person was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, the vehicle, in connection with the altercation, police said a tweet that included the witness video. Details about the arrest were not immediately available.