Little girl ran over by tractor — driven by minor in Egypt

Little girl ran over by tractor — driven by minor in Egypt

Translated from Arabic via Google Translate:

“A child was injured when a tractor ran over her, in one of the villages of Bani Mazar Center and a report on the incident was released.

Major General Mahmoud K, Director of Minya Security, received a notification from the head of the Bani Mazar Police Station, stating that he had received a report from the family of a child accusing an agricultural tractor driver of running over their daughter while she was walking in the street with her mother.

The family accused the tractor driver of being of a young age and was driving an agricultural tractor through the village streets, causing the child to be injured.

Immediately, the security services moved to the place of the communication, and by conducting initial investigations, they reported that a child under the age of 13 drove a tractor inside the streets of the village and while the girl was passing with her mother, he ran her over. 

A report was released on the incident at the Bani Mazar police station, and the prosecution office is presenting it.”