LASD deputies tase man who a witness claims was flagging them for help following crash in Lennox

LOS ANGELES — A video circulating online shows a deputy using a Taser on a man in Lennox on Monday morning.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a call of a crash near the intersection of 104th Street and Van Ness Avenue in the Lennox area of Los Angeles. According to deputies, a man “ran onto the roadway, blocking the path of the deputies’ vehicle.”

Deputies then got out of their patrol vehicle and spoke with the man. LASD claims the man refused to follow the deputies’ de-escalation orders and became hostile before one of the deputies used a Taser to stun the man.

In the cell phone video, you can hear witnesses screaming and yelling at the deputies as the man was being apprehended.

As deputies used force on the man, a second person approached the scene.

LASD claims the second person ignored requests to back up from the scene.

Deputies later placed the second man, who is related to the Tased man, into custody.

LASD said the first man is being medically evaluated after deputies used force against him. The second person is being treated for minor injuries and is cited for battery on an officer and obstruction, LASD said.

A witness who took the video, however, claims the man who was stunned by deputies was initially trying to flag LASD for help.

The witness said the person was calling for deputies’ help after his girlfriend was involved in the crash that deputies were responding to, according to FOX 11.

The witness added deputies were telling the man trying to flag LASD to get out of the way for blocking traffic.

Deputies then got out of their vehicle “aggressively” before one of them used a Taser on the man, the witness claims.