Kindergarten teacher abuses child for not wearing apron, father beats her up

CHINA – A kindergarten teacher abusing a student over an apron, was beaten by the child’s father in Loudi.

November 21st 2019; Mr. Liu drops his daughter to kindergarten, but notices the anxiety in her face. He decides to stick around.

He goes to a monitoring room that gives on the kindergarten’s classroom. What he saw next horrified him.

The teacher approaches his daughter with an apron. The little girl is sitting on another teacher’s lap and refuses to wear the apron.

In an act of rage, the teacher grabs the little girl and starts violently shaking her. The video then shows the teacher abusing another child, a little boy whom she hit with a wooden stick.

At that moment, Mr Liu makes an entrance on camera, and can be seen delivering blows to the kindergarten teacher.

Mr. Liu has not been charged in the case. After showing the footage to authorities, an official investigation has been opened.

The kindergarten principle said that the teacher involved in the incident, only reacted this way because the child wasn’t obeying to directions.