K9 police dog helps take down suspect who punched an Orange County police officer

A K9 police dog helped an Orange County police officer take down a suspect, after he punched the officer in the face.

According to reports, 23-year-old resident Randy Martinez saw Tony Mann, 31, walking in his driveway, dancing around and making obscene gestures.

When Martinez confronted Mann and asked him to leave, Mann pulled out a folding knife and threatened Martinez with it. 

“I rolled down the window and was going to tell him he can’t be on my property, and then he takes out his knife, and I’m just like, ‘Oh, God, no. What’s going to happen?’ ” said Martinez.

Martinez, concerned about the safety of his mom, her friend and his aunt who were cooking near the back door at the time of the event, called the police.

When officer Roman Scuadroni responded to the call, Martinez started filming.

Footage shows Scuadroni trying to talk to Mann, who was still dancing in place. Mann then suddenly advanced toward Scuadroni and punched him in the face.

At that point, Scuadroni opened the back door of the squad car and released K9 police dog Lee. 

Both Lee and Scuadroni can then be seen tussling with Mann and restraining him.

Mann was arrested and charged with trespassing, third-degree assault, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and second-degree menacing.

Scuadroni suffered minor cuts to his mouth and thumbs while Mann needed to be hospitalized for intoxication and a minor dog bite from Lee.