Inmate riddled with bullets and stabbed to death in maximum security prison

San Pedro Sula, Honduras — An inmate involved in the trial of the brother of Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández has been stabbed and shot to death in a maximum security prison.

CCTV footage of the incident shows ex-narco Nery López Sanabria, also known as Magdaleno Meza Fúnez, get ambushed by other inmates in El Pozo prison on Saturday. 

One inmate opens fire on Fúnez, shooting him over thirty times in the head, while two other convicts repeatedly stab him in the back and legs.

Fúnez’s lawyer, Carlos Chajtur, claims his client was attacked by men trying to stop him from talking about the information on drug deals he had in several notebooks, in case he was called to testify in the United States.

Antonio “Tony” Hernández, the president’s younger brother, was found guilty of drug trafficking in a New York jail earlier in October.

This is the second inmate to get gunned down in a prison in Honduras this week, where another gang banger was shot dead in the yard by another convict.