HORRIBLE: Five-year-old girl stabbed to death by man having a schizophrenia outburst

BRAZIL – A five-year-old girl was stabbed to death while walking to school by a man having a schizophrenia outburst, reports say.

Ieda Isabella Manoel Peres
Ieda Isabella Manoel Peres

The horrible crime occurred on Wednesday morning in front of a school in Betim. 

CCTV footage of the incident shows 23-year-old Brenda Souza de Andrade, the caretaker, walking 5-year-old Ieda Isabella Manoel Peres and her brother to school. Suddenly, 25-year-old suspect Moabe Edon approaches the little girl from behind and stabs her, causing her to collapse to the ground. 

Still with bloody hands, Brenda talks about the tragedy;

“I got her and her brother to come to school. When I crossed the corner, she fell. I looked to the side, asked ‘why did you fall?’, And her brother started screaming crying”, she said.

Moabe Edon
Moabe Edon

“I I looked back and saw the man with the knife, white, but not like a butcher knife. I picked her up, held her to the floor, looks like he just wanted her. He just stabbed and laughed, stabbed and laughed. ” 

The knife Moabe Edon used to fatally stab 5-year-old Ieda Isabella Manoel Peres

According to reports, the suspect claims voices in his head were telling him “he should kill a child today”.

Edon, who was recently released on suspected crimes such as drug trafficking and use, threats and theft, was beaten by bystanders until police came and took him into custody.