Homeless man dead after doing backflip for $6 on Facebook Live

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — A homeless man is dead after doing a backflip for a $6 handout in a stunt streamed on Facebook Live.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said it arrested a 28-year-old man who live streamed the incident on Facebook in which the man died.

Keonte Dwayne Jones was booked Tuesday on a felony count of willful disregard of a person’s safety.

Police said Larry Coner, 55, approached Jones for a handout on June 20.

Police said Jones hyped Coner into performing a backflip for $6, which Jones live streamed on Facebook.

Coner landed on his neck and lay dying in the 700 block of West Owens Avenue.

“As the incident went live on Facebook, Jones continued laughing and recording Coner for almost 10 minutes while telling onlookers not to call medical,” police said in a statement.