Had Enough: Pitbull attacks abusive owner who keeps getting drunk and beats it while intoxicated

A pitbull attacked its abusive owner who, according to neighbors, keeps getting drunk and beats it while intoxicated.

The events happened in Tambov, Russia.

Translated from Russian via Google Translate:

“In Tambov, the Staffordshire Terrier bit his mistress and passersby who stood up for her. According to eyewitnesses, the dog attacked, brutalized by the beating of a woman walking her.

The incident occurred on Friday, April 10, on Svobodnaya Street. According to local residents who confirm the comments in the Tambov communities, the woman beat her dog regularly, especially if she was drunk.

So it was this time, but something went wrong. The dog escaped, attacked its offender and began to literally bite her, until passersby intervened. The animal was familiar to people trying to calm him down. “Dina, phew!” – there were male screams throughout the yard. But Dina went into a rage, and was not going to stop.

The hostess was recaptured, however, the dog’s attention shifted to the people protecting her. The animal was able to firmly bite one of the men, it was only possible to drive it away with the help of a stick that fell apart from the blows.

An ambulance arrived and assisted the victims. Dina was later found by local zoodefenders and taken to a veterinary clinic, reporting that the dog was “adequate but very clogged.” Activists plan to write a statement to the hostess, probably about the cruel treatment of the animal.”