Gunmen open fire, kill victim in his car in Willowbrook

A man was shot and killed in his car in Willowbrook. Investigators released surveillance video Thursday that captured the deadly shooting two weeks ago in hopes of finding the gunmen.

The video shows what appears to be an ambush-style attack that Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials say occurred October 22 on the 2200 block of East 121st Street, near Mona Park.

34-year-old Edward Gray was sitting in the driver’s seat of his car when a white Tesla Model 3 pulled up shortly before 4:30pm.

At least one person inside the Tesla shot him, authorities said in a news release.

Footage shows three other armed men approach on foot from the opposite direction the Tesla was traveling, unloading a barrage of bullets aimed at Gray’s car.

They continue shooting as the Tesla drives away.

Coroner’s records show Gray died after being taken to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds in his upper torso.

Authorities say they’re searching for at least four suspects in the shooting, including one from the Tesla and the three on foot who fled in a dark-colored Dodge Charger.