GRAPHIC: Rival shot 22 times by Comando Vermelho gang members in Beco da Paz

BECO DA PAZ, BRAZIL – A man was shot 22 times, mostly in the head, after getting spotted by Comando Vermelho gang members, a rival faction.

Wallemberg Vieira Bello, 31, was executed with 22 shots on the morning of Thursday, 13, in the Compensa 2 neighborhood, in the west of Manaus.

Comando Vermelho gang members were spray-painting walls with their acronym (CV) on walls in a neighborhood ran by rival gang Família do Norte (FDN).

When CV members noticed Bello, they immediately opened fire, gunning him down with a total of 22 shots, most of them in the head.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. All CV members fled the premises.